An International MoH Gaming Clan part of and hosted by the AAAA Community.  

The legacy of the great clans =LKW= & (-MEGA-)on 1st August 2013 formed the mighty =[M.A.W]=

Welcome to the =[M.A.W]= multi gaming clan.

All great things have to start somewhere and we are no exception!!!!!!!
Register now to join our community of like minded gamers. We have created a community over the years which at it's peak is one of the biggest in the Medal of honor scene. We recruite members from many different backgrounds. We aim to satisfy our member’s needs by hosting various servers running different game types for vairious games including Medel of Honor Allied Assault, Spearhead & Breakthrough, Call of duty & World of War. 
Please feel free to browse and sign up to the forums to say "Hello", or even come in teamspeak and have a game with us. If you would like to become an =[M.A.W]= Community member, then we would like to refer you to the join us page in the top menu. Fill the form out, send it away, and sit back while we take over from there.